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Top 3 Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Top 3 Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Switch over to a vegetarian diet if you are struggling to lose weight with your current diet regimen. Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular due to its association with lowered chronic diseases and subsequent weight loss. However, even in a vegetarian diet, if you consume too many refined carbs, you will find it rather difficult to lose weight. Exclude fish, poultry, and meat from your diet and replace it with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes. There are several vegan diet plan to lose weight. Besides weight loss advantages you decrease ecological footprints, use fewer natural resources, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Vegan diets are known to improve heart health and support sugar control.

Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight – Tips and ideas

Focusing on Fiber

Most of the time, diets fail due to constant hunger due to continuous limitations. This can be avoided if you could focus more on fiber-rich foods that keep you full long enough, primarily because of the nutrient digests rather slowly. Consume a lot of leafy greens, legumes such as lentils, peas and beans, oats, and fruits.

Nutrient Density v. Calories

Top 3 Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Low-calorie foods are high in nutrients and also proffer weight loss. You will feel satiated and energized throughout the day when you stick to this diet. This way you don’t have to count the calories, either. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and beans are packed with nutrients and contain the least calories.

The Top 3 Vegan Diet Plans To Lose Weight

For the ideal vegan diet plan to lose weight, you can choose anyone from the following plans. The first two regimens are Indian, while the third one is international. All of them have proven success badges.

Plan 1

On an empty stomach early in the morning have 1 glass of Jeera (Cumin Seeds) water – preferably soaked overnight


Top 3 Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Choose a combination of steamed sprouts mixed with chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice, and some halite or rock salt. Ensure that your portion is in a bowl


For your mid-morning snacks, soak 5 to 6 almond seeds for some time. Peel the skin off and consume. Along with this, you should be able to manage a cup of green tea


2 Indian tortillas (chapatis) containing bran along with a cup of boiled and seasoned beans, and yogurt along with a salad. The salad can be a combination of raw or cooked vegetables.


Drink a cup of tea topped with stevia leaves while snacking on half a cup of roasted fox nuts


You can begin your dinner with a bowl of soup topped with a teaspoon of ground flax seeds

Thereafter, you must consume 1 to 2 Indian tortillas with a cup of a bottle or calabash gourd (Cooked) and some salad on the side.

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Plan 2

On an empty stomach, early in the morning drink 1 glass of Dhaniya (Coriander or Cilantro Seeds) water – preferably soaked overnight


Top 3 Vegan Diet Plan To Lose Weight

For breakfast prepare a pancake with a mixture of chickpea flour, and oats along with some relish sauce made of mint. You should find the recipes for these across the internet.


Your mid-morning snack should contain a glass of lemon water topped with saliva Hispanic or chia seeds and about 5 to 6 almond seeds soaked in water for some time and skin peeled off (if required).


Eat 1 cup of rice boiled along with a cup of black-eyed peas (lobia) along with some salad.


At teatime, a cup of pomegranate should suffice.


At dinner, start with a cup of lemon water. After that consume 1 Indian tortilla with a cup of cooked capsicum and mushroom with some salad on the side.

Plan 3

The third international vegan diet plan to lose weight provides individuals with an assortment of menus to choose from.

Breakfast choices

  • Those who like to drink coffee can do so but without the sugar. Agave may be used instead of sugar and cinnamon for additional flavor. You can also add a bit of vanilla flavor if you wish.
  • Fresh fruit blended with oatmeal or granola topped with fresh fruits or yogurt with fresh fruits is great breakfast choices. Although make sure you do not mix granola and oats.
  • A whole avocado by itself or topped on a toast or along with tomato chunks should be a great idea. Alternatively, you may also consume oats with avocado.
  • Get a toast topped with some canned pumpkin or simply consume the canned food with some cinnamon and nuts. You may also mix it with cooked oats.
  • Chop potato, tofu, onions, and tomato bake with bell peppers and any other vegetable that you like. Then add some seasoning and bake it all up for a healthy breakfast.
  • Make some pancakes with oats in place of flour, add a ripe banana and some sugar. Use baking powder, vanilla, and cinnamon with coconut oil instead of butter. The recipe makes great muffins.
  • Get a smoothie made of yogurt instead of milk. Blend together with some cooked oats and avocado. You may make some fresh veggie juice or fruit juice too.

Lunch Choices

  • Mashed chickpea or chickpea salad can be very filling and delicious. First, drain a can of garbanzo beans and mash them. Then add some garlic powder, chopped peppers, onions, and a little Italian dressing. You can have it as it is or consume with nutcrackers or corn tortilla. Alternatively, spread the mixture over a salad or lettuce.
  • A cucumber salad with chopped cucumber, avocado, onions, and tomatoes – to which you may also add some of your favorite vegetables or fruits.
  • Sautee some mixed veggies or eat them raw with a little bit of Italian dressing sprinkled on top.
  • Make a quick protein roll up with tofurky slices, and some veggies or fruits by the side.

Dinner Choices

Try not to eat your meal after 6:30 pm especially when your bedtime is close like 8 or 9 pm.

  • Cooked carbs along with some raw fruits and vegetables can be really filling. You can prepare a wrap, or sandwich and top it up with some lettuce or cooked pasta. You may also discard the carb if you so wish.
  • Sautee or bake your mushrooms or just consume raw. Load the mushroom caps with vegetables such as corn, spinach, carrots, boiled potatoes, etc. You may also use two of the mushroom caps like bread slices and stuff the veggies in between.
  • Get an actual burger or black bean burger to insert a patty in between and some sweet potato on the side. Ensure that you do not deep fry any of the ingredients. Alternatively, you may simply load the burger with potato.

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